Figures watercolor of Swedish painter Carl Larsson

Carl Larsson

Carl Larsson, Born: 28 May 1853; Stockholm, Sweden, Died: 22 January 1919. Nationality: Swedish. Art Movement: Arts and Crafts , Art Nouveau.

Little Hyttnas

This is the “Little Hyttnas”

Little Hyttnas (2)

Swedish village realism gouache painter Carl larson Carl Larsson works warmly welcomed by readers in Europe and America in the early 19th century, with family life as the theme of his works had a warm and pure and fresh trends across the globe, publisher of the, indirectly led to the improvement for the color printing.Larson was born in, have an elder brother, the old city of a poor family, childhood life is quite poor, but he is very outstanding talent for drawing, the teacher encouraged him to test into the Swedish Royal Academy of arts study, he was admitted to the Swedish study the best art college, soon showed his talent and become outstanding students.
Study after graduation, he began to paint watercolor illustrations such as books, newspapers and magazines for a living.Several years later, he moved to Paris, a Scandinavian artists in Paris suburb community gray oursel rouen village become worthy of the name “float”, but he is still trying to painting.There he met later became his wife, Karin Bergoo, this became the important turning point in his life.But true to his name, he returned to his hometown and Karen Sundborn after.

His paintings are the most common of the rural family life as the material, simple and pure and fresh, in the dull religious events as subjects in the market of oil painting into a path.Social environment at that time and we are very similar, big industrial wave and nervous people breath rhythm, and people were eager to return to nature, art, so he’s loved by the masses.

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