The Chinese figures watercolor painting works of Shi Tao

The Chinese figures watercolor painting works of Shi Tao (17)

Shi Tao, was born in xianyang in shaanxi province in 1960 and graduated in 1986 after the xi ‘an academy of fine arts teaching hospital today.Now, an associate professor of xi ‘an academy of fine arts, shaanxi watercolor society secretary general.Works has won gold prize in the national art – times, second prize – times, bronze award three times, excellence award, selected the winning national exhibitions are: the eighth and ninth national arts exhibition, the second and fourth national sports art: the second China gold award for arts, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the “5 ยท 23” speech national arts exhibition (won gold), the country’s first oil painting exhibition, the first national watercolor art: the first watercolor figure painting;The first powder painting exhibition (won the bronze medal) collected by powder painting exhibition of China) : the first small watercolor exhibition (won the bronze medal) : the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, powder painting, watercolor painting.The national watercolor painting masters boutique invitational exhibition (bronze).His works have been published in the fine arts “, “art watch”, “Chinese art”, “Chinese watercolor” and “watercolor art” and “northwest art” and so on, published album: Shi Tao, “Shi Tao oil painting collection” and “contemporary Chinese painting and calligraphy art masters Shi Tao oil painting works one by one to mail postcards, etc

The Chinese figures watercolor painting works of Shi Tao (23)

Shi Tao’s The Chinese figures watercolor painting works gallery

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